Unternehmens- und Vermögensnachfolge

Business and asset succession

Successfully structuring corporate and asset succession nowadays requires a well thought-out planning approach. At BFS, we rely on an innovative consulting strategy based on mediation processes to ensure a smooth succession process.

Together with the parties involved, we develop strategies and concepts for a successful business succession and actively implement them. We identify existing options and review their feasibility. In doing so, we take into account legal requirements in matrimonial and inheritance law as well as issues relating to company and inheritance taxation. Our aim is not only to accompany the process, but also to provide comprehensive support to the future successors.

We understand that a successful succession does not only concern the business level, but also includes personal values and relationships. Our modern approach ensures that your vision and goals take center stage. Trust BFS as your partner to create a seamless and future-oriented business and wealth succession.